Chapter 1 – Into Gulliver

     The half-elf dropped into a crouch as her gaze stayed on the rabbit ahead. She kissed her dagger soundlessly. A flick of her wrist saw the rabbit tumble into the wet grass, the dagger lodged deeply into its side. It tried to get back up but it was winded and Vel was faster. She moved, […]

Chavey – a D&D world

Now, it should be said that this world is not my brainchild but that of a fellow Dungeon Master who has graciously let me stumble across his lands for the past 5 months or so. If you fancy visiting Chavey, you can ask to join one of his game here:  

Promo Blitz: The Exiled Seven

Have you ever wondered why seven males – of any species – would choose to live together in the middle of nowhere? And these were dwarves. What would a bunch of dwarves do in the middle of a forest? They’re miners! Why would they live so far away from their favourite mining spot? I must […]

Pegasus In Flight

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