Going back to my roots…

No, I’m not going to inflict my singing upon you. You see, although fantasy is my favourite genre – the one I feel more comfortable in – I was introduced to science-fiction first. The first book I read for pleasure that was not one of the French classics was Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. And my […]

Posting schedule

I work better with deadlines and targets. This is a basic fact about me that most of my friends – and some of my fans – are aware of. Since I’ve decided to try for a comeback to the writing world this year, I’ve set myself a few deadlines to see if this is going […]

New Year – New Writing Space

The last few years have been hectic for sure… Three and a half years ago, I started a new full-time job. It came with a lot of training and learning, even more travelling and awesome new friends. That time also saw all three of my children start secondary school. I’ve been studying part-time to get the […]

Mixing Genres

I started this particular manuscript last November which I’ve named ‘The Red Thief’. And yes, it was my NaNoWriMo 2015 effort. It’s a bit of a challenge to myself, considering I’ve rarely strayed away from epic fantasy, and usually only for short stories rather than full-length works. In fact, I have a short series of […]

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