My New Minecraft Diary

Record More of Your Minecraft Exploits

Bigger and better, with all-new challenges for you to take on, and even more ideas to create and enjoy your very own Minecraft adventures.

Blogging for Profits

Blogging for Profits is aimed at entrepreneurs looking to start their blogging business.

Blogging has long been a hobby for many. With the advances in technologies seen over the past 10 years, blogging has become very easy and an extraordinary opportunity for people looking to start their own business from home, or looking to create a second income through a part-time job.

Blogging For Profits aims to show you the ropes of blogging.

Learn how to:

  • Research your markets
  • Design and develop your sites
  • Promote your business and your blogs
  • Keep within the laws
  • Raise funds to start up or expand your business

Revenge Sworn

Sari is a young animal trainer, who is looking forward to becoming a Master in her chosen trade, despite the fact that she is possibly the most powerful magic-user on the planet. When the Empire of Nesar invades her homeland of Shurakun and kills her family, she swears revenge and decides to fight the invaders. But with magic becoming more unpredictable by the day, it might just be that she holds the key to saving the whole planet, if she can stop focusing on revenge.

Wings for a Fairy

Lily is a nice fairy who doesn't have any wings... Discover how, with the help of a few friends, she earns her wings to become the greatest of all fairies, ever!

My First Minecraft Diary

Record Your Very Own Minecraft Adventures

You can use your journal to write down your journey in the world of Minecraft. Write down all your exploring, mining, crafting, and building exploits. Keep track of your character’s life story, through words and pictures.

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