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I grew up in the French countryside, north of Paris, in a rural village near Gisors. My love of books developed at a very young age — according to my mother, I was ‘reading’ to my baby brother when I was only one year old. By the time I was due to start the French equivalent to high school, I had already read the classics for the sheer pleasure of it.

High school killed my love for the French classics when I had to dissect them for hidden political meanings. It also developed my love of creative writing. It was also around that time that I stumbled on a French copy of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight as I was looking for something fresh to read in her school library. With other influences such as The Matrix movie, TV sci-fi drama The X-Files, anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sailor Moon and manga Card Captor Sakura, my love affair with science-fiction and fantasy was somewhat inevitable.

During my ‘lycée’ years, the French equivalent to college, I started to write original fiction and took part in several writing competitions, even winning a couple. The beginnings of both The Creator Saga and The Heavenly Wars series can be traced back to this period in my life, though neither have seen the light of day yet.

I got the opportunity to work in the UK for a year and never turned back. I switched to writing fanfiction in English as a way and original short stories in English rather than my native French. I eventually made the move to England permanent after meeting my partner in London.

I returned to writing after my second child was born and ran a publishing business for near enough 10 years, helping indie authors developing their books for sale. In the end, I had to switch career but my loves of writing and helping others into print remain strong.

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