Going back to my roots…

No, I’m not going to inflict my singing upon you. You see, although fantasy is my favourite genre – the one I feel more comfortable in – I was introduced to science-fiction first. The first book I read for pleasure that was not one of the French classics was Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. And my first original piece was a science fiction short story. Back in November, a prompt found me through Reedsy Prompts but it went from little spark to full-grown firebird so fast that I didn’t even try to submit a short story. The prompt went like this:

Write about someone who returns as an adult to a place they last visited as a child.

It started me thinking: why would someone leave. My mind never jumped to the normal places: a child having to follow their parents who were just given a new job across country or because they wanted a new start after falling on hard times. No, my mind went straight to: aliens took over Earth and my character had to be evacuated… I’m planning to publish the novella I’m writing out of this premise though I’m thinking about offering it for free to fans – since it’s not quite my usual genre.

My patrons will get a short peak behind the scenes next month as I recorded myself as I was working on getting to know the main character of this story. I don’t think the video is too spoilery…

Would you lovely people be interested in a free science-fiction book in the next few months? Let me know if you are!

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