Get Past the Writer’s Block: My Top 3 Tips

I’ve hit a rather commonplace issue this last week: my personal mix of the dreaded writer’s block and the inability to translate the images in my head to a coherent series of words on my computer screen. Any writer will tell you that getting stuck is something they’ve experienced at least once. We all develop our own ways of coping. Here are my ways out of the mire.

Read out loud

I take the last few pages of whichever piece I’m working on at the time. I then find myself a nice, quiet spot where no one can hear me, set my phone to record and read the words out loud. I read just like I would to my child: characters are given a particular voice and the setting is read in a way to increase whatever feelings I get out of it. Sometimes, I find myself changing those words that feel awkward. Others, I’ll find myself bouncing ideas or even just continuing with the piece.

Write something else

The times where I only have one project going are non-existent. Between The Creator, The Privateers, Sang Real and the multitude of other ideas going round my head, I always have something I could write about. If I’m running on the marketing side of my writing business, I’ll try to knock out a blurb or some promotional content. And when all else fails, I’ll choose a topic and just start writing. This is how most of my essays and blog posts come about.

Recharge the creative batteries

If writing just won’t come in any form, I’ll get my other projects out. Some of you might already know that I fancy myself an all-rounder creative. I read. I paint. I embroider. I play and game master Dungeons & Dragons sessions. I zen-tangle. I photo-manipulate. I sew. I play video games. Whichever way, I’ll take my mind off the writing for a while and see if the problem works itself out in my mind. And if none of these sorts it out, there’s always the tried and tested mundane: take a bath or do the dishes. My muse seems to think both of these activities are the perfect moment to strike me with the perfect work segway.

If any of my readers are also writers, how do you fight off writer’s block? And does anyone share my creative hobbies? I’m always looking for people to judge my own art & craft pieces impartially? Thanks for reading and see you next post.

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