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I work better with deadlines and targets. This is a basic fact about me that most of my friends – and some of my fans – are aware of. Since I’ve decided to try for a comeback to the writing world this year, I’ve set myself a few deadlines to see if this is going to work out.

Not counting posts that I might upload to help other indies promote their stories, I have decided to post twice a month: once on here and once on Patreon. For those who might not know that platform, Patreon works a bit like a subscription: if you sign up, you’ll get access to exclusive content. I have started to line up some of those goodies for my Patreon supporters. There’s a behind-the-scenes video on one of my written pieces, my try at poetry, one-off stories, some extra pictures of my arts & crafts pieces…

As I mentioned, I might also post content to help promote other writers: things like cover reveals, interviews with indie authors or publishers, spotlights on a new book coming out and the likes… Another thing I might do is cross-promote my Patreon/Etsy/social media content in my blog from time to time, or create a roundup post at the end of the month. I’m not going to include these types of posts in my regular schedule though so these will count as extra content.

Let me know if there are topics or special features you’d like me to work on!

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