New Year – New Writing Space

 The last few years have been hectic for sure… 

Three and a half years ago, I started a new full-time job. It came with a lot of training and learning, even more travelling and awesome new friends. That time also saw all three of my children start secondary school. I’ve been studying part-time to get the equivalent of a Certificate of Higher Education which I am now three essays away from securing. And we moved about halfway through so I could avoid a deadly commute – think two to two-and-a-half hours via two buses, a speed boat and a ten to fifteen-minute walk; now think of that same trip taken while in the middle of a winter storm… And to top it all, my health took a nosedive which kind of prompted the move. 

With all this going on, my writing took more than just a simple step back. I have decided that 2020 will be the year when I get back on track. I did publish a couple of works aimed at children over the last year – odd pieces that had been ready for a little while but that I had simply not found the enthusiasm to complete and publish. I’ve purposefully kept my publishing schedule empty for this year through. 

My resolution for the year is to find my new writing space. 

From my point of view, a writing space is more than just a place when you can sit down and lay on your keyboard – or your notebook for that matter. It’s about finding that balance in your life that allows you to focus on your writing while not losing sight of the rest of things that matter to you. It finding that headspace where creativity sometimes likes to hide away and gently coax the Muses out to play. 

My year ahead will focus on laying out the foundations for The Creator Saga and The Privateers of Xadras City. But Patrons will probably see a lot of my crafting and artwork pop up on my pages along with shorter written pieces. Shall we see what this year bring to us? 

See you soon in Xadras City!

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