D4rk Inside – Review

Okay, so I got this one on impulse. And this is the proof that yes, I do judge book by their covers. I found this in my local second-hand shop. I’d never heard of the book, and I’d never heard about the author. But when I saw that cover, along with the title, I thought it sounded mighty interesting.

Didn’t even realize this was a YA book until I started reading…

The Story…

Powerful earthquakes set about destroying half the world and unleash something inside the survivors that soon enough sets about destroying the rest of the world. You follow the story through the eyes of several late teenagers as they try to survive the direct aftermath.

It’s kind of a zombie apocalypse story, but it’s also putting a spin on the zombie part.

The Review…

As I may have mentioned before, I don’t often read YA. But trying for objectivity, I find the story is somewhat disjointed. There are too many point of views for the plot to truly come together, especially since everyone is basically living the same story until they meet up: the fact that others can’t be relied on to be just decent human beings on anymore.

I loved how chilling and scary the writing got at times, although my oldest was a bit put off by the gore. Which is kind of funny because he plays Call of Duty Zombies. Go figures!

The premise is great. Re-inventing the zombie is not something just everyone could do. And what makes it quite scary is that many of these zombies keep their intelligence. A nice twist.

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