Author Cards and Marketing Yourself

I’ve received my new author cards today. And I’m quite delighted with them…

Branding Yourself – it’s more than just your book covers

I’ve developed a kind of ‘author branding’ based on my three favourite colours. If you look carefully enough, you’ll find the same colours repeating across most of my marketing collaterals. It’s not the flashiest way of branding myself, but it kind of work for me. I’ve come up with the design a few years back and it’s been the same since. It’s a mix of what I would consider edgy and classical. It is how I think of myself as an author. When I use them, I’m ‘in character’ so to speak. My author persona is far more outgoing than the person underneath. It’s a trick I had to develop…

I’m not naturally an outspoken person. I think I’m borderline socially impaired. To combat this, I’ve created a persona for myself. The ‘author’ me is a punk, who does have three children too, but is far more vocal about what she wants and thinks than the ‘private’ me is. She has the same favourite colours as I do, but she wears them with pride where I prefer to stick with black and white.


Before I continue, I’d like to print out that no, my chosen supplier is not paying me to write this. I don’t think they’ll ever see this anyway. And yes, the links I’ll be posting are affiliate links and I stand to make money if you buy your own stationery through them.

I’ve used Vistaprint ever since I started writing for a living. Back then, I had little money and they were just starting to expand. They had this campaign to bring in new customers where they were giving away business cards – as long as you used their pre-made designs, no additional features, and paid for delivery. The cards were on thin card, kind of flimsy, but the print quality was very good and overall it was great value for money.

I’ve been in business seven years and haven’t ordered new cards in about two years. A pack of 250 cards will last me that long. In those five years, Vistaprint had already stepped up with better card stock. But now? Fair enough, you can’t get free cards anymore, but their offering is definitely worth the price. The cards are now printed on good quality 280 gsm card stock and it shows.The print quality is great. you can even read the titles on the promo images of my book covers. and trust me, these images were not optimized to be read when that small.

I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service either. My original order was lost (it was the courier’s fault…) But Vistprint – as soon as I called them to let them know that the courier had somehow lost my parcel – printed out my cards again, sent them out as an express delivery, and credited my account for the same amount as the original order to say sorry, including the shipping costs!

So yes, this is an endorsement for Vistaprint. Or at least, their UK/European branch anyway. Give them a try next time you need some author cards.

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