5 Multimedia Marketing Tools for Authors

The time of creating only written content to promote your book is well and truly over. The typical place for indie authors to promote their work is now the Internet. And let’s face it: even if our readers do have a big enough attention to read through hundred pages of our novels, the rules are very different when they go online.

Authors need to think about showing off their books using tools and techniques that involve a lot more than just reading. Readers need to see and hear the book in different ways to have a chance at ‘getting’ it. There are various tools that even the most frugal of authors can develop to help promote their books.

Picture Quotes

Most people have heard about memes. There are hundreds of thousands of them floating about the Internet. They help share sayings and quotes from celebrities and popular TV shows. But you can easily create some of your own books. You know the stories better than anyone: is there a sentence one character says that could be used to promote the book? Or maybe you could just use the first sentence or two from the book. Those are usually great to hook readers in.

Book Excerpts

Many an author make available the first chapter of their novel in a bid to entice readers into reading the rest. But have you thought about turning that chunk of text into an actual reading? You could record yourself reading the book. Don’t fancy appearing in front of the camera? Point the camera at the actual text instead. Or why not invest in an animated presentation of the excerpt, where the page flip themselves by magic… Think it’s too hard to make a video? Go the audio route. You only need Audacity (free audio recording software you can find here) and the same microphone you might use to speak to friends and relatives through Skype.


Whether you’re taking part in a virtual book tour or you’ve been approached because of your expertise in a subject, interviews are a great tool for readers to get to know you. But reading said interviews might be too time-consuming for them. Plus, the blog admin might be delighted at being offered multimedia content” Give them the options: text, audio, or both? Google Hangout will allow to record a conversation easily enough. If both you and the interviewer are comfortable with it, you could even offer video this way!

Book Trailers

Film promoters have been using trailers for decade to bring the masses to see the latest blockbusters. Creating a trailer for your book doesn’t have to be that expensive either. You can use slide shows, a series of still images and texts to get your point across. More difficult is using video in your trailer, but it’s not impossible.

Behind The Scenes

It’s been proven that people are always happy to take a look at what happened during production. They love to get to know the people who made their favourite shows or programmes possible. The same is true of your readers. Many might enjoy taking a look at what you’re up to while you’re writing your latest manuscript. You can use you phone to create a short video showing them your desk, or let them look over your shoulder as you write a chapter. Share pictures of this process online, or just a few snaps of what you’ve been up to during the holidays.


Do you have any more ideas about how to integrate multimedia content in your marketing efforts?

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