Mixing Genres

I started this particular manuscript last November which I’ve named ‘The Red Thief’. And yes, it was my NaNoWriMo 2015 effort.

It’s a bit of a challenge to myself, considering I’ve rarely strayed away from epic fantasy, and usually only for short stories rather than full-length works. In fact, I have a short series of books planned already. The current title for it: The Privateers of Xadras City. This series will blend fantasy with thriller/crime/mystery/erotica.

I had the idea just last summer while talking with my publisher and it just stuck with me. So I developed it for NaNo and it has – of course – taken a life of its own since then. I’m absolutely not sure if more than one or two books will actually see the light of day. But I’m already about three-quarters of the way through the first draft of The Red Thief.


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